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MSFL™ Micro-Spherically Focused Log and Microlog (ML)


The MSFL™ micro-spherically focused log and microlog (ML) tool is a pad-type version of the spherically focused log (SFL) that was developed to eliminate borehole effects and achieve superior shallow resistivity measurements with high vertical resolution. Included with the MSFL tool is a ML sensor. The ML recorded 2-in. normal and 1.5-in. lateral resistivity measurements. The MSFL and ML tools are combined into one tool which can be run as a standalone service or in combination. The pads are arranged on opposing, powered caliper arms which provide accurate measures of borehole size.



  • The MSFL tool provides measurements of Rxo in all types of conductive mud systems. Rxo is used quantitatively in computing Sxo and moveable water volumes
  • The ML tool is sensitive to the presence of mudcake and provides a qualitative indication of formation permeability
  • Evaluation of thinly bedded sand/shale sequences
  • Two powered caliper arms provide reliable estimates of borehole size



  • The MSFL tool records resistivity with a vertical resolution of 8 and a depth of investigation of 3 in.
  • The ML tool records resistivity with a vertical resolution of 2 and a depth of investigation of 1 in.
  • Both the MSFL and ML tools, by virtue of being pad- type devices, offer measurements relatively free of environmental effects. This makes them particularly well suited for operations in highly conductive (salt- saturated) mud systems
  • Non-rubber versions of the MSFL and ML tools are available that provide superior resistance to gas absorption and better durability and run life over older rubber pad versions
  • The tool can be run independently or in combination with other logging t When run in combination, the MSFL/ML tool can be placed anywhere in the toolstring

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