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Halliburton Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) Formation Tester


When flexibility and versatility are required, the Halliburton Reservoir Description Tool (RDT™) tool collects—in a single deployment— formation pressure, fluid ID, and samples. Using the Focused Oval Pad and next-generation Integrated Characterization Section (ICS), combined with the Fluid Identification Section (FLID), the RDT tool captures the complete  fluid composition and high-quality samples. It is easily customized to enable efficient formation pressures and complete fluid characterization. There is also no technology sacrifice to perform pressure and sampling  at high pressures.
Complex conditions require unique solutions. The customizable service allows formation pressures and anisotropy data to be collected with standard Dual Probes. When sampling or downhole fluid identification is required, the RDT tool’s Oval Pad is the industry’s largest single-pad surface flow-area probe. For minimizing rig time, the Focused Oval Pad combines the extra-large surface flow area of the Oval Pad empowered by split-flow focusing. It delivers the lowest contamination samples possible with industry-leading efficiency.
The total performance of a system is limited by the weakest link, and collecting clean fluid samples requires best-in-class flushing pumps. The RDT Flow Control Pump Sections are proven to be the most versatile with a full range of differential pressures, the highest horsepower, and the fastest rates.The unique Dual-Probe Section offers increased efficiency through its ability to perform multiple tests with a single set of the tools. Dual Probes enable more reliable determination of formation pressure and mobility, as well as a more detailed understanding of heterogeneity and anisotropy.
Focused Oval Pad
» Reduces rig time
  • Lowers risk of stuck tool
  • Increases operational efficiency
» Reduces risk of sanding/mitigates effects
  • Greater success in sample recovery

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